Iceland to Vote on “Crowdsourced Constitution”

febbraio 27, 2012 — Lascia un commento


Iceland, home of the world’s oldest continuously governing democratic body, the Althing, is breaking new ground in the democratic experiment while the world anxiously awaits the results.

In the summer of 2011, the Interwebs began buzzing with the most hopeful application of crowdsourcing yet: the Icelandic Constitution. In the wake of an economic meltdown not dissimilar to the one the brought the United States and the Eurozone to their knees, Iceland was told by all the experts that they needed to bail out the financial institutions or the Atlantic Ocean would swallow them up as punishment for debts incurred. In essence, Iceland said “bring it.” Their economic recover has since been much quicker than those of us who did bail out the financial behemoths. This also caused a significant national debate about financial institutions forming economic hegemons that can make or break an entire nation in one fell swoop…

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