Internet sta creando una società Open Source?

dicembre 13, 2011 — 1 commento

Ieri, navigando sul blog “LearningWithTechs” ho trovato il link a un saggio molto interessante riguardo al rapporto tra internet e co-creation.

Secondo l’autore del saggio, Joichi Ito (direttore del M.I.T. Media Lab), Internet non è un semplice strumento tecnologico, ma una filosofia che sta guidando la società, l’educazione e l’innovazione verso modelli sempre più aperti e decentralizzati.

Vi posto alcuni dei passaggi più significativi:

The Internet isn’t really a technology. It’s a belief system, a philosophy about the effectiveness of decentralized, bottom-up innovation. And it’s a philosophy that has begun to change how we think about creativity itself.

The ethos of the Internet is that everyone should have the freedom to connect, to innovate, to program, without asking permission. No one can know the whole of the network, and by design it cannot be centrally controlled. This network was intended to be decentralized, its assets widely distributed. Today most innovation springs from small groups at its “edges.”

What has been a wildly successful model for consumer Internet start-ups in Silicon Valley turns out to be an extremely good model for learning in a wide variety of fields and disciplines. The students at M.I.T.’s Media Lab experiment, create and iterate; they produce demos and prototypes, and share and collaborate with the rest of the world through the Internet and a distributed network of connections and relationships.

I don’t think education is about centralized instruction anymore; rather, it is the process establishing oneself as a node in a broad network of distributed creativity.

Se desiderate leggere il saggio, potete trovarlo qui.

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